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Tash by  Jas Knight

Cleopatra Jones lol 

"Peace Within"
Artist: Ethel Tawe
"He’s Never Coming Back" (2013 by 
Marlana Adele Vassar
Nychole Owens Artistic Visions

I Am Isis by Joyce Hayes
Wrapped by Velicia Waymer
Medica Bruja - Descarga Espiritual by Chrislor
Nandi by KiraTheArtist

Kimpa Vita, Saint of Kamba, Africa by Feyou
Queen Bey by Missez Turner : : submission : :

"Mireille" by Ethel Tawe.

Commissioned Portrait.
Gorgon funk by kurono

i decided to color Amanda LaFrenais’ drawing she posted recently to shake off the cobwebs, and because i love it so much.
her original drawing is here, as well as the link she generously provided to people who want to color it.

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